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Our Sound Styling DJs and MCs bring a brand, a person, a feeling through sound

So MAKES A DJ a Sound Stylist?


Much like getting dressed in the morning, anyone can create a playlist. However it requires an artistic eye to curate and style an entire wardrobe. Our expertise lends itself to uniquely accessorizing your event with the right sound. Our approach will help your event not only make a statement, but also leave an impression.

Our mission is simple: we utilize our high level of professionalism and coordination to collaborate with you, the location, and any staff in-between to provide a seamless experience. It takes a team effort to bring your vision of a great party in to reality. Our venue and planning partners love us almost as much as our clients do. Almost.

From the planning process to obsessing over every detail, we take every opportunity to collaboratively create a soundtrack you and your guests will love. Our sense of organization, ease of communication, and level of flexibility take away the stress; the only thing you have to worry about is having a great time.

Just let it rip and be you.


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