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We follow a 4-step approach for all of our events. This allows our team to deliver the most efficient, clear, stress-free experience possible. Our four key focuses are Artistry, Admin, Creative Planning, and Performance. Don't let the formalities fool you, there’s no reason collaboration can’t be fun!

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    Artistry comes first. Our craft represents all of the time our team has invested in honing their skillsets. Despite having at least five years of experience, we still go out into the world seeking daily inspiration from new experiences. Our drive to never settle and infinitely nurturing our artistic passion is what makes us special. As Sound Stylists, we have to artistically feed ourselves every day and our hard work and dedication shows through in our work.

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    The admin work starts as soon as your inquiry hits our inbox and goes right on through until after your event. This is where we get to know each other and find the right fit. When you decide to book you will receive a proposal with all the details, including fees, contracts, and any other matters. Then our work really begins! There is no limit to our communication, research, and curation and we make ourselves available to you for any needs along the way. 

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    This is our jump-off point. You provide the details and we start creating the framework guided by our expertise to bring your vision to life. We want to absorb all of the details — food, aesthetics, theme, everything that will be in the space. It all influences the end result. After we get a good idea of what kind of experience you want to have, we reference your favorites, dig deep into our libraries, and create an evergreen soundtrack. In preparation, we will create custom playlists, get our top-notch gear ready for performance, prime our assistants, coordinate with other vendors, visit the venue, and make sure everything is ready to go.

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    This is where we provide our talent, equipment, event expertise, and execution of the music at the event. This will include multiple setups/tear downs, sound checks, rehearsal, collaboration with other vendors to ensure a smooth running event, and mastery of coordination.

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