Frequently Asked Questions

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For any further clarity, please connect with us!
  • What are your rates and services?

    To get an accurate quote, fill out our Connect form and tell us about your event. For information on services we have to offer, please visit the site’s Experiences pages. 

  • How can I book a DJ or get a quote?

    Easy! Just fill out our Connect form. June will read your form and reach out to you within 48 hours to set up a phone call. The phone call will give us a chance to chat about the details, so that we can give you the most accurate quote.

  • Can we meet the DJ before the event?

    Absolutely! In fact, if it is required. This helps our artists to get to know your style and values. If meeting in-person is impossible (you live across the country) or unfeasible (you’re already scrambling!), we are happy to connect on the phone, Zoom, or another of your preferred apps.

  • Do you take on last-minute events and requests?

    You can reach out even if you’re down to the wire! If we have the availability, we are more than happy to work with last-minute events and requests. 

  • What will the DJ wear?

    Our team matches their attire to the occasion, with their own flare of course. We’ll probably be wearing a lot of black. Not because that’s what a DJ should wear, but because it looks damn cool. (hello black moto jacket!) Please let us know if you have preferences for attire or if your event is themed.

  • Will the DJ eat/drink at the event?

    First of all, our artists never drink alcohol at events. When it comes to food, some of our DJs will eat a vendor meal only if it is provided, but we absolutely do not request food or other refreshments.

  • What will happen to our event if a DJ becomes ill or equipment fails?

    Our artists are very serious when it comes to following through on events. In the extremely unlikely event that your DJ is unable to show up, a back-up DJ will be provided. If no back-up DJ is provided, June Events will issue a full refund. If equipment fails and we are unable to provide back-up equipment, a full refund will be issued.

  • Do your DJs have insurance?

    Yes, we have $1M in liability insurance and we can supply a Certificate of Insurance.

  • Can you accommodate certain styles of music? For instance: music from other countries or languages?

    All of our artists are mobile DJs. Which means that we have many different music libraries and genres so we can play a wide variety of events. We are dedicated to meeting any of your music requests. And we’ll be honest, if we don’t think one of our DJs is a perfect fit we’ll recommend another.

  • Can my guests and I make requests during the event?

    We leave requests to your discretion. If you’d like your guests to have the opportunity to make requests, we are totally down with that. Never fear though, we use our expertise and intuition when deciding whether to accommodate a request. We will not let a request fly if we think it will kill the dance floor or disrupt the flow of the event.

  • What is the MC style of your DJs?

    Our MC style is dependent on the needs of the event. For events like mitzvahs and kids’ birthday parties we’re more active on the mic, and for events that need minimal direction our MC philosophy follows a “less is more” approach. We mostly utilize the mic as a tool to ensure that the event flows seamlessly.

  • Will your DJs collaborate with our event planner and/or producer?

    We love to collaborate with other vendors and believe that it only enhances the experience. Just let us know who our point person should be and we’ll take care of the rest!

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