You may recognize this Sound Stylist as the guitarist of influential post-hardcore band Glassjaw, but his talent for performing and music didn’t stop there. After years of touring the world and playing for thousands, Todd changed course and started producing his own dance/house music, teaming up with other DJs and musicians to create unique sounds. Todd continued on his path as a musician, but found that Sound Styling events ignited a new fire for this longtime musician and producer. 

Todd’s sound styling vibe is a mix of balanced and classy and as a DJ, he has held a residency at New York’s Norwood Club, and has played gigs for large corporate clients such as IBM, Google, Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger. When he isn’t spinning at corporate events, he has brought the party to Williamsburg Hotel, Javits Center and countless weddings in the Tri-State area. His diverse experience allows clients to customize their night with a unique Lerrone twist. His goal is to make couples and clients have an event that caters to their tastes and is punched up with his bold energy. He truly gives a shit (in his own words) and you’ll know it. Although he admittedly has “no other passions besides music,” Todd spends his off time practicing meditation, yoga, and playing with his terrier.