Mr. Gibbons is a DJ, Producer, and actor. He has had residencies at a number of NYC hotspots including The Standard Hotel, Pier A, The Gem Saloon, Ella’s Good Co. and Rose Gold. 

He has played weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots, private parties, and has even played a wedding MC in a film, “A Good Marriage”, written by Stephen King. Rafe is also a programmer and curator that builds playlists for restaurants and department stores, mostly for Barney’s. 

As a longtime wedding DJ, he appreciates when all the puzzle pieces fit together. With all the details in place to celebrate on such a special day it’s the greatest joy to find the tunes to match the occasion and light the dance floor on fire. DJ Gibbon’s favorite wedding memory is putting on a song and seeing the Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor get out of her seat and boogie. 

Rafe was  in a very popular band in NYC called 33 HZ. June was a huge fan of 33 HZ and she even booked them at multiple gigs in her early days as a promoter. This era was important in NYC. She knew that they were a great band, but that they would also be DJs with great taste in music. Being a great musician makes a great DJ because you have great taste in sound. Rafe is not a fan of predictable wedding playlists and he likes to color outside the lines by playing non-traditional music. He won’t play the usual wedding staples. Takes his presentation seriously. Rafe is classy, stylish and he embodies Brooklyn, Williamsburg, creative, hipster vibes.