Eclectic. Fun. Dancey. Three words that sum up DJ K Styles. Originally from Germany, Kate was brought up on Motown, Joni Mitchell, and Nirvana. As she developed her own music sense, she explored genres as varied as punk rock, hip hop, pop, and Britney. (Lots of Britney.) During her time in NYC, Kate has made an impact as a Sound Stylist on the event scene by playing, as she puts it, “everything you love to hear.”

Kate mixes all genres of music to curate the mood and create an experience that brings happiness to others. When she’s not playing clubs like The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Irving Plaza, and Up&Down in NYC, she’s creating her own fashions by infusing her European aesthetic with NYC spirit. You may have even seen this beauty modeling in Ink Magazine. 

As busy as Kate’s life can get, nothing beats a low-key night in with her “very dog-like” cat, Joan Jett.