Zach began his dj career djing clubs throughout New York, holding down classic haunts in the LES, Williamsburg, and Bushwick, all while less publicly keeping his eye out on more lucrative avenues uptown. That led him to becoming an in-house DJ for NBC Universal, where he would often dj photoshoots and wrap parties for people you’d recognize from film and TV. This eventually led to a sizable number of weddings and private events, to the point where he tends to DJ those almost exclusively now. And he likes it!

After years in nightlife, he realized weddings are a much warmer environment to operate in. He loves talking to couples about how to make their personal vision a reality, and he feels very adept at fielding the wider range of potentials and increasingly discerning clientele that tend to come with it.

Weddings are also a joy for him because has broad tastes, and the wide variety of people this job entails allows him to really showcase his range. But beyond knowledge and technical prowess, he prides himself on always prioritizing the couple’s interests, and makes sure he is available to communicate at every step of the way.