CEO, Founder, Bad Ass Sound Stylist

Meet the woman behind June Events and her amazing team of Sound Stylists, June Deuell. Even as a young woman, June has always been immersed in self-expression by styling outfits for herself and others, making playlists for her travels, and collecting vintage pieces.

June has been in the business for decades and has acquired an impressive list of venues, corporate clients and weddings. She has teamed up with Paper Magazine and Nylon, became one of the first hosts and bookers at the now-defunct Studio B, and took on the role of Director for Club and DJ Marketing at Muse Box. As June’s reputation for curating custom music experiences grew, she was hired to do events for Teen Vogue, Conde Nast, Kate Spade, Nike, Khiel’s, Macy’s, Louis Vuitton, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Citibank, Chase, and many others. As her client list grew, people took notice of her professional, yet fun energy and began to hire her again and again. 

June truly loves all kinds of music. She’ll tell you, “she really doesn’t care when it was made. If it’s good music, it’s good music.” She can give you all the good stuff from any decade and incorporate it into a mix with all your favorites. At your event, June wants you to feel like you’re having the best house party ever with your family and friends.

As a Sound Stylist, her mission is to be a curator of beauty, fashion, and good vibes for all. She brings individuality through her sharp outfits and thoughtful soundtracks that reflect the music DNA of her clients. June approaches each Stylist on her team, every client she works with, and every vendor with the utmost respect and humility. Her drive for creating a beautiful atmosphere, storytelling through sound, and bringing joy to others fuels her passion to keep elevating June Events. 

When she’s not traveling from gig to gig or running her business, she’s enjoying quality time with her adorable Frenchie Theo, hiking in the Catskills, yoga and meditation, and binge watching Netflix.


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