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Most of our Sound Stylists call the East Coast home and can be found spinning in New York City, the Tri-state area, and Hudson Valley. Our team loves to travel and frequents many destination hotspots across all of North America and internationally.

  • All Are Welcome

    One thing I love about our team is we’re all New Yorkers at heart. We love and support our diversities of people, cultures, music, and artistic expressions. We are LGBTQ+ proud and affirming, inclusivity and acceptance are values we hold dear at June Events. Regardless of how traditional or not your celebration may be, we’re always ready to find the best way to provide an unforgettable experience.

  • Stress Melting Professionalism

    We measure twice and cut once. We may actually measure three times. Our conduct and care that goes into your event extends well beyond our performance. We take every opportunity to add value to your event through our cooperation and relationships with venues and vendor teams, from start to finish. We take pride in our approach and it’s immediately apparent.

  • A Modern Sense of Style

    We achieve our signature styles by combining a level of quality with an aesthetic eye. We are able to maintain a minimal physical footprint while also giving our clients nothing but the best in technology and equipment. Style and aesthetics are very important to us and this extends beyond our audio mix. We believe that the DJ should not be the sore thumb in the room that you want to hide in the corner. Our set pieces should complement the event and our audio and lighting choices reflect that element of modern design philosophy.

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