Aesthetics matter. It’s likely a huge factor in choosing your venue in the first place. How that looks in natural daylight can vary wildly from nighttime.

By necessity, venues typically outfit lighting that is all-purpose and these utility-driven decisions can sometimes leave a space looking a bit under its potential. Our lighting solutions are an essential way to transform an area and keep it energized. Flexible options include basic uplighting in a variety of color, dance lighting, patterned or custom gobos to project onto surfaces, and more.

Nearly any space benefits from the right touch of additional light. Our solutions include the flexibility of complementary colors that really bring a visual treat to everyone present at your event.



We can create your ideal atmosphere no matter where it is!

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    Standard Uplighting

    This is your classic lighting package and makes virtually any room or space better with its implementation. A flexible array of color options not only complements the venue's architecture, but also your style choices with that space as well.

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    Uplights and Gig Bar

    This package has your standard uplights with the addition of Gig Bar Dancefloor lighting. Transform any event into an all-out dance party with this unique solution that combines moving heads, derbies, washes, a strobe, and a laser, all pre-mounted on a single bar.

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    Custom Lighting

    Whether it's gobo text or textures, spotlights or mirror balls, we have the flexibility to tailor custom lighting applications specific to your event. Please connect with us for additional details!

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